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Daenerys 🚺

Lizards Royalty Power

β†’ Hi Daenerys, I see you like lizards, royalty, and power. Well, I have a confession to make...I'm a lizard king. And I think you and me could rule the world together. What do you say?

β†’ Daenerys You're looking mighty fine today, your majesty. Might I interest you in a drink? I promise I don't bite...hard.

β†’ I bet you’re the type of girl who likes to be in control, am I right?

β†’ So I hear you like lizards... What's your favorite kind?

β†’ You might be the mother of dragons, but I'm the king of seduction.

Albus Dumbledore 🚹

Horcruxes Voldemort Butter Beer

β†’ You like Butter Beer? I'm more of a whiskey kind of wizard myself.

β†’ Hey Dumbledore, I see you're interested in Horcruxes and Voldemort. I'm also into dark arts and mischief. Butter beer sounds delicious.

β†’ What's a horcrux between friends?

β†’ You look like a wizard who knows a thing or two about Horcruxes... and I bet you know how to make a mean Butter Beer.

Emily 🚺

Paris Croissonts Fashion

β†’ I see you like Paris... do you also like getting caught in the rain without an umbrella? I hear it's very romantic.

β†’ You're looking mighty fine today, Emily. I bet you turn heads everywhere you go, especially in Paris with those killer fashion sense. Do you think I could get a taste of that croissant you're eating?

β†’ Hey Emily! I just moved to Paris and I'm looking for someone to show me around. I hear you're the girl to talk to when it comes to fashion and croissants. Want to grab a coffee and chat?

β†’ You seem like a girl who knows exactly what she wants - and I bet I can guess what that is. A strong, handsome Parisian man to share croissants and fashion tips with? I'm your man.